I am Tisean M. Bell, an Author, Poet, Visual Artist, and Graphic Design Entrepreneur from Prince George's County Maryland by way of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I am the owner and curator of Dreams Alley, a conceptual design studio and art gallery based in Maryland. I have performed and shown work in various venues across the country.

I tend to see life through a kaleidoscope so every moment I breathe inspires me from the sunrise, to flowers, to the freshness of air, serves as the muse for all of my art. 

I like to view my work as a means for vulnerable self-examination and a catalyst to start conversations about spiritual & emotional progress and how art can be used to heal and bring us closer to ourselves and one another. 

For me it is about the love of art, creativity, and collective emotional progress. I know that if my gifts touch at least one person, my higher calling has been manifested.

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